Our club has been recently established in Shepshed to promote cycling, outdoor pursuits, healthy living and friendship. Being based close to the countryside we are able to enjoy our riding on scenic roads and we try particularly with the Social Group, to restrict routes as much as possible to minor roads and lanes with less motorised road traffic.

We regularly make a short stop for coffee and cake so please bring some money with you, there's no pressure to join so please feel free to try us out before joining our club.

We meet on Sunday mornings and have various group rides for all levels of cyclist's, starting with a steady paced social ride of around 20 miles,

We have an intermediate ride of around 25-40 miles, and we have an advanced ride of 40-60 miles.

On Sunday mornings we meet at The Black Swan Pub the social and intermediate rides meet at 8.45am, rides depart at 9.00am Whilst the advanced ride departs at 8.30am in summer and 9.00am in winter

For all weekly rides and info on routes/distances etc please view our Facebook group page

Please also note the club takes safety seriously, so you will only be able to attend with an undamaged cycle helmet

All riders share responsibility for safety and ride at their own risk.

What You Need With You

  • Riders are required to wear a Cycling helmet on Club Runs
  • They are recommended to carry spare inner tubes, tyre levers, pump and a basic set of tools or a multi tool.
  • During the winter months fit your cycle with a set of efficient lights – reasonably cheap and well worthwhile.
  • Each individual should bring their own drink – something with a carbohydrate and/or electrolyte additive for those hot days is recommended. Food by way of energy bars, gels, bananas etc will help to keep energy levels up.
  • Your mobile phone and a small amount of cash complete the basics.
  • Road safety is always the top priority so obey the rules of the road.
  • For more information contact one of the club officials on the Committee page.