British Cycling Membership

As an affiliated club, we strongly recomend becoming an individual member of the British Cycling organisation. All members automatically receive individual third party liability insurance which covers riders against:

  • Incidents in which you are involved whilst riding or wheeling your bike and which are alleged to have been your fault.
  • Physical injury to third parties caused by your actions.
  • Damage to third party property caused by you.
  • Legal costs incurred in forming your defence.
  • Damages awarded against you following a successful claim by a third party.
  • Total cover for legal costs and awards of up to £10m.



All club members of Shepshed Cycling Club will get an introductory discount of 50% for their 1st years membership when they join British Cycling. Please click on the link below and enter the corresponing discount code when applying.

Please note:

Most club members will need only to apply for the RIDE membership, unless you are planning to race etc.

Join Here: